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Dr. Bharat Vatwani
Founder Trustee Shraddha Rehabilitation Foundation,

I happened to meet Nirmal Shah when he had come down with a group of like-minded friends to donate a small amount to our NGO. It was a spontaneous emotional gesture on their part, as they had heard about our activities, while we had never earlier met any one of them. That time itself, our assessment of Nirmal was that he was a good human being and his was a decent soul.

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Subsequently some years later, we approached Webszol through a reference, and we realized that we had interacted earlier. We bonded immediately.

Making a website was a totally new area of functioning for our NGO, as we were from a generation not that computer or Internet savvy, and a website was definitely beyond the limitations of our exposure. Nirmal Shah put us at ease, went into intricate details of our NGO functioning, diligently made notes, interacted with us for feedbacks, brain-stormed with our staff, and finally made a website exactly as per our requirements. Since we were pretty ignorant in website designing, he could have, if he wanted, done some hard selling and put in graphics or other flashy technical details and hiked his billing. But he did nothing of that sort. Instead, he understood our ethics, our principle of low-key functioning and let-our-work-speak-for-itself philosophy, and came up with a beauty of a website.

We have received many donations from senior people purely because they have gone through our website in detail. Many have commented that there is no hard selling in the website itself, and only the quantum of our work and our commitment behind it shines through. A legendary person like RussiLala (the biographer of JRD Tata) ended up contributing 16.7 lacs vide his Will to our Trust. HDFC contributed 12 lacs over 3 years, one reason being their chief functionary Shri Keki Mistry having gone through our website, upon receiving an appeal letter from us.

There are innumerable other instance of kind-hearted citizens having been moved by browsing through our website. Technically speaking, the number of ‘hits’ which our website must be receiving must be very high, because the moment someone googles the word ‘mentally ill’ a link to our website surfaces immediately. And the oft quoted comment is ‘the website is low key, states only facts, and there is no overt begging-pleading for donations’. We believe that the reason for the success of our website is Nirmal Shah and webzsol have captured the essence of our functioning and have been able to translate it into a down-to-earth but still subtly-captivating website. Hats off to them.

It has been almost 10 years since our association with Webzsol and we would like to believe that they are a part of the Shraddha family. Always as easily accessible as ever, no development of ‘airs’ to their functioning despite their growth over the years, we believe that their contribution to the cause of the wandering mentally ill roadside destitutes which we represent, has been immense. While often all the accolades go to a few people behind any respected NGO, we believe it is the people who have sweated and toiled it out behind-the-scenes that truly deserves the accolades, and all the praise for Webzsol would still fall short.

We are confident that the Gods are witness to the good deeds of Nirmal Shah and the entire team of Webzsol vide their contribution to Shraddha and shall always be with all of them withTheir blessings.

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Mr.Narendra Shah
Business Development Leader
Composites Solution

We needed a new website that was most simple but most effective, that didn’t cost an arm and a leg. What we found was that Webszol were brilliant. They were not only reasonably priced, they met every deadline, and our site is fast to load and looks great. The final result was fantastic.

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We particularly liked that Mr. Nirmal Shah took the time to explain all of the options to us in a way that we could understand. We would recommend Webszol to other businesses looking to have a website that not only looks good, it actually works in terms of converting sales.

Website Designing website designed for Capital Markets

Sahil Shah
Hamprigo industries.

I think that Webzol changed my perception of a website because i only knew a few ways in which we could have designed it but the way you guys designed it itself makes me want to visit it everyday! And even though we delayed and made various changed you guys have never complained about it instead have happily made the changes and i loved working with you guys and looking forward to doing more!

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Mr.Anish Pandya
Felix Capital Markets
Sharjah, United Arab Emirates

I am extremely happy with the service and support from webzsol. They have helped us with creating our website and they have helped us with hosting & email solutions. Good communication and great work.

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Naresh Jumani
Co - Founder
My Mind Gym

The Webzsol Team has created a Dynamic interactive website for us. They took our ideas and gave them shape and made a website that we are extremely proud of. Very co-operative team that has been with us from creating to launching of our website . Everything is professional about them, consistent high quality service. God Bless!

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Jayshen Rammah
Merits Consulting Engineers Ltd

We had an idea of our website. However, it was hard to gather content and building it up into a website. Webzsol has been great in asking the right questions and presenting different website solution. Nirmal has done an excellent job in assisting us with the content and also in the development of our website till publishing it live. We are happy to recommend Nirmal and his Webzsol team

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Mr. Dipesh Prajapati
General Manager - Fmcg Business,
Emaxicom Lda, Angola

“The best part to work with Webzsol was communication ease and understanding of the issues and concerns in a very professional as well as friendly manner. Service offered was cost effective and the end result was excellent. Our company Directors and customers have praised the Website.”

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Mr. Siddhartha Singh Bhandari
Walk To Himalayas Pvt Ltd,

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your team for giving us a great website and completing our work within timelines. Your organization has been very cooperative in working on our website and also have been open to suggestions from our end. We thank you and wish you all the best for future.

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Mr. Kulwant Singh
Rekord Management Aids,

You are doing great job webzsol !! I got my website designed many years back probably with advent of internet.Webzsol are the best designers. Everytime we need to add new item on the site it has always been done instantaneously.

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Whenever updating of anytype is required we have been obliged.In fact I recommended their name to all my friends who were absolutely new to website designing.You are economical and suggest the best way to upkeep the site. With webzsol we feel we are in safe hands.

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Mr. Bhavesh Shah
Furnova Polymers Ltd,

I am extremely happy with the service and support from webzsol.We have been with webzsol since last 10 years and that itself speaks about the quality of service offered by them.webzsol had helped us with creating our web presence and thereafter they have helped us with hosting & email solutions.

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When we started we were completely unaware about all the jargons like domain,hosting etc.. ..But webzsol has been extremly helpful & patient in guiding us in the overall process. All those people whom we have recommended webzsol love them as much as we do.I wish webzsol all the success in future and keep up the good work...

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Mr. Harish Sharma

We started our journey with webzsol in 2009 by just registering a domain name for our website. 6 months thereafter they helped us with setting up google apps for my business. Thereafter another 6 months we designed a website from webzsol for our interior designing business.

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During these entire process they were there every step of the way to guide us and nothing, however small, was ever too much trouble. One thing i would like to mention is webzsol has never tried to market any kind of service to us.

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Mr. Nikhil Parekh
Asian Chemtech Pvt Ltd.

Thank you for understanding our requirements and creating a website that demonstrates our vision clearly in a concise manner. You really fulfilled our expectations by delivering the site on time. It fits our corporate image. We are thoroughly satisfied by your services. We would definitely recommend your name to anyone who wants to use your services.

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Mr. Hanoze Mistry
HMD Architects

At the outset, we HMD Architects were facing a lot of difficulty in designing our website, but after being introduced to Mr. Nirmal Shah and his team, due to their brilliant vision and ideas and keeping our preferences in mind our website turned out to be creative and distinct.

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We were satisfied working with a young, dynamic and professional team at Webzsol. The team was prompt and positive in their approach to work. It was an immense pleasure being associated with Webzsol team and wishing them all the best for their future endeavors.

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Mr. Anshuman Chaturvedi
Co-Founder Techvibes Global Services,

Quality of Work' and 'Care in its Execution' best reflect our experience with Webzsol. Working with them, on our website redevelopment, has been an easy and a pleasant experience, notable since all our communications have been either over the web or phone.

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It was important to us that Webzsol completely understood our requirements and, to our pleasant surprise, Nirmal, and his team,not only understood the needs very quickly but also delivered beyond our expectation. I wish them all the best and look forward to referring them to our friends.

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Mr. Vishal Shah
Owner / Manager
M/s. Shivani Impex

The best people to work with ; Quick response time.We are extremely satisfied with what they have put together for us.

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Ramandeep Singh
Sethi Fitness Pvt. Ltd - Mumbai

They understand the requirements very well and deliver the results on time.